Terms and Conditions

  1. The Company is engaged in the business of providing health care services in diversified areas since 2021 and the company has also acquired technical know-how in respect of the said services.
  2. Careoxy provides its valuable healthcare services only either the patient shows prescription/advice of a legal medical practitioner or a patient and its relatives undertake the responsibility of risks involved in the services.
  3. The patient or their relatives will not force or ask the Nursing Staff/Attendant to do any other work except for which he/she has been engaged.
  4. That the patient or their relatives will not engage the Nursing Staff/Attendant in any of their personal work and if any Nursing Staff/ Attendant forced to do any kind of personal work for patients then, Nursing Staff/ Attendant shall have a right to discontinue the serves, moreover, patient or its relatives will have no right to deduct any service charges from the company.
  5. If any medical equipment is damaged or destroyed during the course of services by the patient or their relatives, in that condition, it shall be the sole responsibility of the patient or their relatives to compensate the company in proportion to the damage done to the equipment.
  6. That patient or their relatives will not solicit or engage any Nursing Staff/Attendant of the company to provide any services without prior permission from the organization.
  7. That all the payments regarding services and rentals of medical equipment shall be payable directly in the account of the M/s Careoxy Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. ____Bank. We also accept payment through UPI, Google pay, Paytm, and net banking. We provide our services only upon clearance of the entire payment in advance. Careoxy does not allow any of its clients to make any payment regarding any services and rentals of equipment to any staff/medical Nursing Staff/Attendant or any other employee of the company unless and until it is requested to do so in writing by the authorized person of the company through official email id/mobile number.
  8. Though Careoxy is committed to provide its best services to their clients, there is always a margin of human error, for that, neither Careoxy nor its service staff be responsible if any such untoward incident occurred with the patient during the course of services. Careoxy provides its services to its clients/patient on the basis of the medical history, information provided by patient and their caretaker, attendants or relatives and on the condition of the patient, therefore, if casualty occurred with patients due to wrong and incomplete information provided by patient or its caretaker, in that condition, Careoxy will not bear any responsibility for any misshaping with the patient.
  9. That the Patients and their attendants undertake to abide by the advice of the Careoxy as to what kind of services being required by the patient on the basis of medical history of the patient and prescription of the doctor. If Patient and their attendant refuse to abide by the advice of the Careoxy or impose their own decision upon Careoxy in that condition shall not be responsible for any casualty or any other misshaping with the patient.
  10. Rental of the medical equipment shall be payable in advance along with security deposit. If patients require continuation of medical equipment for another period as prescribed in brochure and renovation, it will be confirmed only after payment received 3 days prior to due date of renovation.
  11. Payment once made shall not be refunded in any eventuality. If Clients wish to terminate the services of Careoxy for any reason midway or before completion of service contract the Careoxy shall have the sole discretion to consider adjusting the proportionate amount in next services. Though Company is committed to provide its best services to their clients, if a patient or their attendant found any deficiency in services or needs replacement of any Nursing Staff/Attendant or instruments they can contact the concerned department of the company and company will take the necessary steps to rectify the deficiency as early as possible. 
  12. That patient and their attendants shall properly verify before leaving the Nursing Staff/Attendant that all their belongings are intact. Once the nursing staff/attendant leaves the service place Company shall not be responsible for any loss/theft of any item of the patient or their relatives. Patients or their relatives/care takers may also check the language/carry bag/purse or any other belongings of nursing staff/attendant for security purposes before leaving the service place.


1 In case the rented equipment or accessories is damaged / stolen by the customer during the rented period the customer is liable to pay the Price  of the damaged / stolen part / equipment. No excuse shall be entertained.
2 In case the equipment is rented out for Certain period and if the equipment is returned before the fixed time, the Customer has no right to claim the amount for the rest of the period, whether it is one day or one hour.
3 The company has the right to recover the amount of the damaged / stolen equipment / part or accessories either out of the security cheque given by the customer or by cash. Customer will have visiting charges Rs.600/- extra after installation visit. (one visit)
4 It is the responsibility of the customer to take care of the equipment in whose favor the challan is issued.
5 It will be a sole discretion of the company to replace the rented out equipment or accessories at any time during the rented period. Services shall be provided during office hours only i.e. 9.00am to 6.00pm.
6 It is the responsibility of the customer to inform the company to extend or return the equipment, otherwise it  will be presumed that the customer is interested in extending the use. In that case the customer is liable to pay the rent for an extended period.
7  The customer means in whose favor the Challan is issued. All disputes subject to Delhi jurisdiction.

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