Urine Bag

Uro bag is made for collecting the urine drainage of the patients. These bags are widely used in hospitals for patients suffering from urine leakage, urine retention or other health problems. We are a trusted supplier of urine bags through that you can buy urine bag online in Delhi. Our products are reliable and made after medical research.


Urine bags are provided to the patients for short and long term conditions depending on their diseases. These urine bags are structured for the hygiene of patients and are user-friendly. Medical assistant can capture the urine output of the patients on hourly basis through these bags.

Our customer-centered products

These bags can be used for those patients who need care after a long treatment. Get your urine bags supplies at your doorstep anywhere in India by buying our urine leg bag online in Delhi. This is a one-stop shop for all your medical tools needs.

Urine Bag

Urine Bag

Urine Bag

Urine Bag

Urine Bag

Urine Bag

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