Attendant in Noida Sec 50

We are known for providing the best Home Patient Attendant in Noida Sec 50- Male/Female, who offers unmatched services to our clients. We are committed to meet the highest standards of ethics, safety and client satisfaction. Since we are into this business for a longer period of time, we are trusted by our clients.

Why hire our attendant?

Our attendants are well-trained professionals who are experienced in dealing with the patients of different-different needs. They are thoroughly evaluated through written tests and comprehensive interviews and medical knowledge evaluations. We thoroughly check the backgrounds, verification of court records and education qualification and hence we provide the best and trusted Nursing Attendant in Noida Sec 50.


Our nursing attendants are constantly trained personnel who deliver the best of the services to the clients at their home. They assist the recovering patient in their oral, hygiene, bed bath/sponge bath; assist in getting dressed, assist to bathroom or bedside commode, turn position in bed, incontinence care and assist in using urinal/bedpan.

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Home Nursing Services in Noida Sec 50

Nursing Staff

We provide the best nursing staff both male and female who are professional and well-trained. Our experienced nursing staff ranks the top in the list of Home Care Nurse in Noida Sec 50. We provide the...

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Physiotherapy at Home in Noida Sec 50


Our Physiotherapists are renowned and trusted serving over 10,000 happy clients at home. Physiotherapy at home in Noida Sec 50 has become so easy with our professional physiotherapist available at you...

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Home Attendant for Elderly in Noida Sec 50

Elderly Care at Home

We provide 24/7 nursing care in Noida Sec 50 NCR for elders. Elderly people are like children who need extra care, affection and attention. We provide trained Nurse for Elders at Home in Noida Sec 50 ...

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Baby Care Taker at Home in Noida Sec 50

Babies Care at Home

We choose our post-natal caregivers who have secured medical training from a hospital. All the caregivers are mothers which makes them more apt in dealing with the babies in the most gentle and the be...

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Bedridden Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50

Bed Ridden Patient Care

Living bedridden with an illness is not only strenuous for the person who is suffering from it but also for the person living with the patient. We bestow our clients with the most proven and reliable ...

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Parkinson Disease Home Care in Noida Sec 50

Parkinson’s Care

We are a unit comprising of personnel who are focused on providing the top- class services. With an experience of 5 years, we have earned many happy clients. As a team, we are dedicated to assisting p...

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Dementia Care at Home Noida Sec 50

Dementia Care at Home

People suffering from the condition of dementia require utmost care and attention. We train our team members in a way in which they are specialized in handling dementia’s patient in the best way...

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Cancer Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50

Cancer Care at Home

Treatment of cancer requires intensive care of the patient and multiple hospital visits. We provide the much-required palliative care to our clients so that they can be made comfortable to a great ext...

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Paralysis Patient Care

Paralysis Patient Care

Patients with paralysis require full-time nursing care. We provide Paralysis Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50. A full-time attendant provides the required care and assistance to paralysis patients...

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Critical Care Nursing in Noida Sec 50

Critical Care

We are experts in providing long term ICU like service at home. With our amazing services of Critical care at home, it has now become easier to serve the patients in the comfort of their homes. Our cl...

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Diabetes Care at Home in Noida Sec 50

Diabetic Care at Home

We provide intensive diabetic care at home as we are into this service providing from the past 10 years. Our team is experienced and dedicated to serving our clients by catering to their needs and req...

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Motor Neurone Disease Care at Home

Motor Neurone Disease Care

People suffering from motor neuron disease require special care and attention. With the service of Motor Neuron Disease Care at home, the care of the patient has become an easy task for the family. We...

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Cardiac Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50

Cardiac Patient Care

Cardiac patients are required to be dealt with utter care and sensitivity. We provide the perfect Cardiac Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50. Our nurses are well-trained medical personnel who take c...

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Coma Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50

Coma Patient Care

Since the coma patients are not at all in their senses, they are totally dependent on others for each and everything. Coma Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50 relieves the family members from the ten...

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Trauma Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50

Trauma Care at Home

Traumatic injuries may range from small lesion to life-threatening multi-organ injury. We assist in Trauma Patient Treatment at Home in Noida Sec 50 to achieve the best possible outcomes while decreas...

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General Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50

General Care at Home

In the hustle & bustle of a busy life, people are hardly left with the time that they can devote to the patient or family member. General Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50 has eased the problem...

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Neuro Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50

Neuro Care at Home

Neuro patients require more care and supervision. We are one of the best Neuro Patient Care at Home in Noida Sec 50. As a team, we work hard to deliver the best service that makes the patient and thei...

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Best Nursing Bureau in Noida Sec 50

Nursing Bureau

To get the best nursing services in Noida Sec 50, contact us, Careoxy Health Care at Home. we are the leading nursing Bureau in Noida Sec 50....

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Nurse at home for Corona patient in Noida Sec 50

Nurse at home for Corona patient

Careoxy Healthcare at Home takes pride to offer the best services for a nurse at home for corona patients in Noida Sec 50. Our nurses are experienced, hence, know ell how to assist the corona positive...

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